Dr. Turner studied 1500 cases of radical (cancer) remissions. The people she studied used over 75 interventions but, from her study, all were using these nine below. Notice how only two are physical. The rest is all mental emotional spiritual.

Here is Dr. Turner’s list of the 9 key natural interventions that those who had radical remissions all used:

  • Radically changing your diet
  • Taking control of your health
  • Following your intuition
  • Using herbs and supplements
  • Releasing suppressed emotions
  • Increasing positive emotions
  • Embracing social support
  • Deepening your spiritual connection
  • Having a strong reason for living.

There is an intelligence that keeps our heart beating, regulates our body temperature and immune system, and digests our food. Make contact with the intelligence and give it a plan. Then surrender this plan to the intelligence, as it can heal much better than you. This intelligence is the greatest healer and it operates through the autonomic system and all we have to do is get out of its way. ~ Joe Dispenza

The immune system is the way body corrects when you have been injured and have dis-ease. ~Marianne Williamson

Your mind creates your body and your relationship with your environment in the world. ~ Bruce Lipton

There really is a way to activate your immune system with your mental and emotional work ~ Kelly Turner, Ph.D.

It’s not that disease starts in the mind… everything starts in the mind – Mariam Williams

The body has innate ability to heal ~ Kelly Brogan MD (author of A Mind of Your Own)

It’s OK to believe the diagnosis but you do not have to believe the prognosis. – Deepak Copra MD

Tonic thoughts create tonic chemicals. Toxic thoughts create toxic chemicals

What’s your wakeup call? ~ Gila Golub

The Power that made the body health the body – Joe Dispenza DC, Author

Your mind creates your body and your relationship with your environment in the world. ~ Bruce Lipton

Illness and disease comes from fear ~ Bruce Lipton

To put an end to chronic illness, use a holistic approach that influences your experience of mind-body emotions. ~ Deepak Chopra

We have a sick care system, not a healthcare system. Conventional medicine is treating the symptoms and not dealing with the root cause or the whole person. Many prescription drugs have side effects, create more toxicity, and more chronic illness. Find the root cause of the dis-ease. Start with your thinking and then move to your diet and then add exercise and supplements.

Keep educating yourself. My prayer is one day you will be pain-free too.

By Health Of It Transformation

"Health of It Transformation" is intended to educate and support individuals on their road to living their healthiest happiest sexiest life. Blessing others is my calling and now I do that as a Rapid Transformational Therapy Hypnotherapist, Published Author, and Creator of motivational and mediation videos. Hope to bless you today.