What IS Intimate Touch, and Why is it Important?

When was the last time you thought about intimate touch?

Not just when it comes to sex with a partner – but also as a means of showing affection, or even as a way to practice self-love?

Touch is such an important part of intimacy, and yet, it just isn’t discussed as much as it ought to be.

But take a second to think about just how vital touch is for connection, pleasure, and communication.

When it comes to sex, touch can be confusing. 

Don’t Know How to Touch?

I often find myself thinking, is this pleasant?

Am I doing this right?

Does my partner enjoy the way I touch them?

Problems with Intimate Touch?

I also struggle with receiving touch. Just like most folks, I never received pleasure-based sex education… my knowledge basically comes from porn and Hollywood sex scenes!

That means I never learned how to relax and accept the pleasure my partner is giving me.

And then there’s intention.

People will often automatically assume that a partner’s touch is an invitation to sex. 

If every time I touch my partner, I am expected to perform some sex act, or if the only time my partner touches me is because they want sex, then touch can become a turn-off. 

Touch should be a way for lovers to show affection and attraction, without necessarily having any “ulterior motives.”

The Importance of Touch

So, why is learning about touch so important?

I recently discovered that confusion around touch can cause tension in both sex and relationships – be it with a partner or yourself. If left unaddressed, this tension often leads to disconnect within relationships, which can obviously be detrimental.

The good news is, it’s totally OK to not know everything about intimate touch.

I’ve learned that I was definitely not the only person who wanted to know more about it!

The first step is to admit there is more you’d like to know. It’s never too late to start learning!

I solved this touchy issue with an awesome video course called “Intimate Touch.”

It is offered by my friends at Beducated – a unique library of 80+ online courses on sex & Relationships.

Intimate touch is key to pleasurable sex and strong relationships.

If we don’t know how to consciously give and receive touch, then how can we expect to have positive intimate experiences?

In my journey to learn more about touch, I realized that there was just so much I didn’t know or even understand.

That’s why I decided to take an online course on intimate touch offered by Beducated.

Folks, I learned A LOT!

Here are just some of the interesting things I discovered in the course:
First, I learned how to explore both my partner and my own genitals. This was so much fun.

The key for me was to narrow down and focus only on what I was feeling.

This was so amazing I made a meditation to go with it.

Then we learned how to practice relaxed giving and active receiving, which is harder than you think but when you get it oh the sweet reward.
Next, we learned different techniques on how to touch genitals. Awareness is key here.
I loved the practical details they talked about like how to set up a space and comfortable ways to sit.
My favorite part was the fact that the instructor presented a few exercises in an explicit yet very gentle way. It allowed me to feel safe while exploring touch by myself and with my partner.

We turned those exercises into “sexploration sessions,” which allowed us to reconnect and experience some intense intimate moments. Ultimate date night!

For those of you who’d like to experience Real Intimate Touch, I highly recommend checking out this and other courses on Beducated.

A little bit about Beducated: it is a unique library of 80+ Online Courses created by the world’s top experts in sex and relationships. Beducated courses allow you to get only credible knowledge that is not only theoretical but also practical! The cool thing is that you can review Beducated courses at your own pace and in full privacy (not even your own partner needs to know about that!).

Beducated has both monthly and yearly subscription options available. I especially loved their 24-hour free trial that allows folks to explore before committing! If you’re thinking of checking it out, you can do so through this link. 💞

I hope you enjoy exploring “Intimate Touch” on Beducated as much as I did!

But more than that – I hope that the course can help you achieve the worry-free and leveled-up sex life you deserve!

If you decide to check out the platform, let me know what you think about it!



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