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I love home-schooling my children so much that when I come across something like this it is like Christmas morning. I get so excited I have to learn more so I can teach them an easier way to do things which makes them want to learn more!! Win, Win!

Want more Math Tricks?

Want to square a number that ends in 5?


Do the trick I learned from Vedics Math.

The tens spot add one to the top than multiply the two together 3 turns to 4 than multiply 4×3=12

Than just multiply the ones spot.



 Math Trick For multiplying 11

I taught my children the trick for 11 when they were 6 and 7.They are 10 and 12 now.


5 in front leave a space then put 4 in back at two together to get middle number.

11×54= 594


Little tricky     

7_8    to get middle # at 7+8=15 

 Do not put 15 in middle 

only one # fits and that is the 5



Remember to carry the # from the tens spot to the hundreds spot.

What about bigger #’s?


Put the 1 in front the 4 in back and for the middle #’s just add from left to right.

 1(1+3)4(3+2)5(2+4)6 4


Remember if one of your #’s is more than 9 just carry to the number in front.


1(1+8)9(8+2)10(2+3)5 3

1(9+1)10 053



 Getting tired so I will stop for now but will be back again soon with more speed math tricks.

Peace and Love 

Donel Rourke 

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