It’s turn out that the problem with dairy is due to casein, a chemical found in all dairy products and can trigger our brain’s opioid receptors. Casein breaks down in your stomach producing the peptide, casomorphin (an opioid), it acts as a histamine releaser, which also why some people are also allergic to dairy products.

Let’s think about this.

DD.pngWhy do addicts crave sugar and starch?

How does this work out in practice? The bulletin speculates, for instance, that “a amphetamine user who has exhausted his dopamine and noradrenaline levels, and feels depressed and unable to think straight, may be drawn to high-protein, tyramine-rich foods, such as a steak, pizza or a cheese sandwich and a glass of milk. An MDMA or “ecstasy” user experiencing fatigue… would probably crave something like fish and chips rich in carbohydrates, and a sugar-rich drink to temporarily bring the depleted 5-HT levels back up to normal.” As for opiate users, foods such as whole milk, ice cream, and milk chocolate are appealing because they contain “biologically active opioid peptides…. It no doubt explains why a pint of full fat milk and a Snicker’s bar is a perennial snacking favourite of opiate users.”

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