Residual Income

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Go Green, Earn Green

How many times have you found a product that worked beyond your expectations?

What about a store that gave you exceptional customer service?

Do you share your experience with your friends on social media?

Or keep it all to yourself?

If you are like most of us you share what you like on social media. Most of us even like to take pictures and videos of places and things we like.

Now let me ask how many of those companies that you share says thank you with a check each month?

Would you like to shop with a company that will pay you when you refer someone to shop with them?

What if they paid you for the initial referral, would that be a company you would tell your friends about?

That would be great, right?

I mean you love the products, the company has given you exceptional customer service and they will give you a commission just for introducing them to shop with this amazing company, so would it be natural to want to share this company?

What if they paid you every time the person you referred bought from that store.  Would that be an added bonus to shopping at this store?

If this sounds like a store you want to shop at I would love to refer you to them.





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