Using the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want in Life

Are you looking to get what you want in life?

Have you heard of the secret to getting what you want based on the laws of attraction?

The laws of attraction are based on the belief that like attracts like.

By utilizing the power of the law of attraction, you can turn your desires into reality.

The secret to making the law of attraction work for you requires four things: focus, feeling, faith, and action.

First, you must focus on what you want.

What do you want?

You must be clear and specific when visualizing what you desire. The more specific and clear you are, the better. Your mind works by the words you tell it. Use words that create a movie in your mind.

Second, you have to feel as though you already have what you want.

How do you want to feel?

Feel the joy and happiness that comes from having what you desire. Allow peace to flow through your whole being knowing that what you want matters. You get to choose how you want to feel each and every day.

Now, you must have faith that the universe will provide you with what you want.

Believe that you will receive what you ask for and trust in the process. It is your choice. focus on faith or fear. Faith is positive affirmation. Fear is a negative affirmation. What you believe to be true is true, for You!

The last step is to take action daily.

Once you have the focus, feeling, and faith in place, it is important to take action. Take steps each day that will bring you closer to what you want. By taking action, you are showing the universe that you are serious about getting what you want. You are showing yourself that you believe you are worth it. Taking action is taking the energy of the thought and allowing it to flow out of you to manifest what it is you say you want.

Remember that the law of attraction is not a quick fix. It takes time and effort to manifest your desires. Be patient and persistent and trust that you will get what you want in due time.

Believe in yourself and practice gratitude for all that you have and all that is to come.

Start your day with 10 things you are grateful for and then ask yourself these two life-changing questions;

“What do I want? & How do I want to Feel?”

Now you can get what you want!

Believe, Receive, Achieve!

Donel Rourke

By Health Of It Transformation

"Health of It Transformation" is intended to educate and support individuals on their road to living their healthiest happiest sexiest life. Blessing others is my calling and now I do that as a Rapid Transformational Therapy Hypnotherapist, Published Author, and Creator of motivational and mediation videos. Hope to bless you today.