You can Have a Totally Hott Body Journal, for Everyone

You can Have a Totally Hott Body Journal, for Everyone

Look inside

A Totally Hott Body is a body that is healthy.


A Totally Hott Body is a body that is healthy.
Your size and shape are not the focus, your health is.
Some of the “Fittest” individuals are unhealthy. The outside looks good but their mind and internal health are suffering.
Keep track of your food and exercise and supplements.
Monitor your moods, develop new self-care habits, be grateful for your life and achieve your wellness goals with the Totally Hott Body Journal!
You’ll be amazed to find how writing in this journal every day will help.
You will notice that after recording the details of just one day, you will develop a new level of awareness.
This awareness is your understanding of the part you play in your health.
Understanding is your key to the freedom from the self-limiting beliefs that have stopped you from having a Totally Hott Body.
It’s simple, fast, and easy for you to record the key information you need to help you form a new habit.
This is not about guilt or shame this is all about awareness.
It is only when you understand, then you can make the necessary change. Give it a try, you will love the results!
What’s inside
1) Start your journey with the Mood tracker, to see where you are emotionally.
2) Vitamin and supplement tracker is key to help you see what you are taking when you are taking it and the effects you feel from taking it.
3) The food journal is key to knowing what, when, and how much you eat/drink. How do you feel when you eat? Write it down! Who knows you might even find that by eliminating certain foods that some of your physical problems decrease.
4) The self-care tracker will help you see the areas in your life that help you be the best you can be. Self-care can be meditating, showering/bathing, grooming, doing something creative, exercising…You get the picture.
5) The body progress tracker has a slim body image on it but ignore that. This is not about male/female, thin/thick, it is all about YOU and Your body. This is the page for you to chart your progress without judgment. This is just information for you to help you make the best decisions for your Totally Hott Body.
6) The habit tracker will help you see where you spend your time. This is important information so you can decide what you want to change or what you want to continue doing to help you reach your goals.
7) End with another Mood Tracker. How does it compare to the first one? This is your journey. You can do this! You are Extraordinary! You are Enough


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