I home-school my children and for my daughters vocabulary words I want her to write a story. Her is this weeks story. By the way she just turned 12.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeppppp. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeppppp. EEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!! I hear the sound of my car alarm at 3:00 A.M.. I force myself up out of my warm bed into the dark nothingness that is my bedroom. I turn on the light and realize that I’m not alone. A tall man with dark brown short hair comes over to me, as I’m screaming, and puts a sack over my head, ties up my wrists, and carries me out of my house. I was obviously distraught, I was being abducted. I was shoved into my own car, still screaming, and I was drove to another house. Yet another person was loaded into my car, and another, in the trunk, on top of other people, until the car could hold no more people. We drove for about thirty minutes and then we were unloaded, one by one, out into an open field. They made us walk for hours, some surfaces were flat, some inclined. When we finally arrived, they took our sacks off of our faces. I looked around, I noticed that we were standing in a circle, and in the middle of that circle was the brown haired man. He enlightened us that we were not going to be returning to our abodes very soon. One of the other victims leaned over and told me that he was a devout believer in God, as I was, and he knew that this man in particular was satanic. He told me that this was not the first time this had happened, this man gathered a group of ten to thirty people and asked them each, one at a time, if they loved God or the Devil. He explained that this had been on the news, and that many churches had lost their members. Indicating that he kills everyone that says they love God. At that moment, it had started raining, thanks to New England’s capricious weather. I heard the man in the middle yell not to be afraid, that all of our necessity’s will be tended to, and that this was just a survey. “At midnight?” someone intervened. “It was required that we did it at this very moment.’ he said he then proceded to go around the circle and ask us our religion. Baptist. Catholic. Satanic. Ect. “When he gets to you, just say that you’re Satanic, then, maybe you’ll see another day” a short girl who happened to be standing next to me told me. I remembered a song I used to listen to, Cassie by Flyleaf. In that song, the lead singer explained that people had asked many of her friends if they believed in Jesus, and if they said yes, they got shot. I also remembered a bible verse. “Deny me in front of your people and I will deny you in front of my father” I decided to say yes, no matter the consequences. He got to the short lady next to me and as an answer to his question, said that she was Satanic. The man told her to go stand in the group with the other ‘Satanic’ people. “Would you mind telling me your religion?” “Christian.” I said, with the most confidence I had ever had before. “Go stand with the other Christians. There was the man who told me the religion of the brown haired man, and then two other people. after they finished their ‘Survey’ they put the bags on our heads again, “So that you will not know the way to this secret location.” Explained the man, but I didn’t buy it. We walked and walked for what seemed like forever. I heard the man yelling things in a language I didn’t understand. Then my wrists were free and I was falling. I yanked the bag off of my head, looked around me at my fellow Christians, and then down at what appeared to be an abyss. It wasn’t though. I hit the ground hard. Cold. Cold was all I could feel. Colder than the titanic water cold, and then nothing. I couldn’t see or hear or feel or smell or taste anything at all. It was like this for about thirty seconds. Then light swallowed the darkness. It was breathtakingly beautiful light, it was extremely bright, but somehow not blinding. Then I saw him. The one and only Jesus Christ, and I knew that I would never be scared or hurt ever again. “Welcome home child” Were the first words I heard after my death.

Peace and Love

Donel Rourke

By Health Of It Transformation

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