Kharma I never met you, but your life touched mine. So tiny, so sweet, your life had meaning. Though it was short it will live on forever, because your daddy met my husband one December day. So as I write this I pray your mommy knows how your little life will touch many across the web. Sweet dreams baby angel. Kharma Ann Haas Here are a few … Continue reading Kharma

[Review]Steiner Ranch Steakhouse in Austin Texas

How did you spend your Friday the 13th? I decided to drive my mom up from Galveston area to Austin for the weekend to celebrate her 66th birthday. We started it right! We went to the extraordinary Steiner Ranch Steakhouse. We arrived at 6:15 and we sat outside in the back in front of the stage. We started with the Wedge salad and then we … Continue reading [Review]Steiner Ranch Steakhouse in Austin Texas