Strong Immune System

If you want a Strong Immune System, You have to know the Invaders

Your immune system has a job to do and it constantly defends and protects you from the outside world by identifying the infectious agent and other disease-causing agents.

Infectious agents can enter your body in many different ways like the mouth, nose, bites, or wounds.

From bacteria to fungi to parasites that live off human bodies, understanding how these agents attack our bodies is the first step in developing treatments and cures for the infections they cause.

You can not fix what you do not know is broken.

I live by this.

I study and research every day to help myself and others to have an understanding of how their body works do they can have a strong immune system and live a life they love.

Let’s look at the main Infectious Agents that pose serious health risks to you.

Bacteria are microscopic, single-celled organisms that can live almost anywhere; responsible for diseases such as UTIs, STIs, pneumonia, staph infections, strep throat, sinus, and ear infections.

VIRUSES are nonliving strands of DNA or RNA that multiply in a living host. Think of the common cold, chickenpox,
influenza, herpes, measles, and SARS-CoV-2. They can only multiply only in living cells of plants, animals and believe it or not bacteria(Bacteriophages)

FUNGI are a class of organisms that includes yeasts and molds that are responsible for athlete’s foot, jock itch, ringworm, and yeast infections. When harmful fungi invade the body, they can be difficult to kill. It survives in the environment and can easily re-infect the person who is trying to get better.

PARASITES are multiple-celled organisms that require a host to survive. Meaning you are their food and their home. Some live in the body some live on the body. They are usually contracted through what you eat (tapeworms), drink (giardia), and even animals and insects (malaria).

Not all diseases are caused by infectious agents.

Other causes are, for example, toxins, genetic disorders, and the host’s own immune system.

TOXINS are the harmful chemicals created by living cells such as bacteria; toxins are responsible for botulism, diphtheria, and tetanus.

Now you know who the invaders are you can better prepare for any attacks.

The next blog will be on the best ways to get your Immune system strong.

Donel Rourke