Porn for Your Husband-Part One

I’m not a big fan of Porn I believe that porn gives individuals false information and false expectations and can damage relationships.  Men are visual creatures and because of this, you need to be your husband’s Porn.  He needs to be able to see and feel and experience this excitement of you all day long.  Take pictures.  Yes I mean take selfies throughout the day … Continue reading Porn for Your Husband-Part One

Getting Rid Of The Toxins In Life

There are toxins everywhere and those of us that fight chronic sickness, CFIDS/ME Fibro, Lupus or cancer, all need to get rid of these toxins. Yes, you can get rid of the toxins even if you are not fighting illness and you will be glad you did, but this video was made for those who are fighting a battle that seems unwinnable. Identify potentially hazardous … Continue reading Getting Rid Of The Toxins In Life