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Traditional Fundraiser VS Melaleuca

For The Health Of It believes Melaleuca could make an excellent fund-raiser for your nonprofit organization. It certainly has for many others around the USA! It has raised funds for our charitable organization since 2005 with no added expenses to our organization. Let’s start by talking about some problems with Traditional nonprofit fund-raisers. Traditional Fund-Raisers vs

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Stop The Brain Shrinkage With Omega 3

What Does Omega-3 Have To Do With Your Brain? A lot actually! About two-thirds of the brain is composed of fats. DHA omega-3 is a major structural component of the brain, in fact, it accounts for over 90% of the omega-3 found. Stop The Brain Shrinkage  Remember to Do It For The Health Of It Donel

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Best Breathing Exercises

Just Breathe I know you are thinking, “I Am Breathing!!” Breathing on purpose with a purpose will help you not just stay alive, but can help you LIVE!!! Alternate Nostril Breath One of the most important thing to learn is the correct breath ratio – inhale/retention/exhale 1/4/2. You don’t have to do the retention, and it’s

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