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God’s Favorite

Yes I said it I AM GOD’s Favorite. I am loved! I am Extraordinary! I am blessed! My life is mine to design. God has chosen “Me” to live this life. God guides me to live the life I was designed to live. Everything… Continue Reading “God’s Favorite”

Stop Trying to Get Love, Love Yourself

Most people think that being famous means you are happy, loved and adored. However, there is no amount of fame, riches, validation, accolades, or social media followers will give you the love that you desire, if you don’t love yourself. Marilyn Monroe may have… Continue Reading “Stop Trying to Get Love, Love Yourself”

I am Enough are You?

I Am Enough: Mark Your Mirror And Change Your Life-Marisa Peer Order your book here THREE WORDS THAT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE When you know that you are enough everyone around you will know that you are enough too. Your life will be so… Continue Reading “I am Enough are You?”

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