Want to Have Kid’s-Take My Advice

Advice for My Children, When They have their Own Children

Have children when you really want to have children.

You Are Responsible for them for your whole life.

If you can’t take care of yourself, don’t have children until you can.

I really wanted you Barbie, Trinity, and Tristan.

Trinity Barbie and Tristan with Barbie’s Funny husband in the background.

I wanted my children.

When asked, at the age of 14, what I wanted to be when I grow up and I said a wife and mother.

My whole life has been about my children.

I love them so much.

Each and every year will be different.

Find what is best for them.

Best shows, best schooling, best food.

What foods are they intolerant to?

This will make a big difference in their health, so find out early, the younger the better.

Best medical treatment; Herbs, essential oils, Homeopathic medicine, yoga, meditation

What was watched on TV, what music was listened to, books we read, what we eat, where we shopped, all revolve around my children: Veggie Tales, My Little Pony’s, classical music, Baby Einstein, Discovery  Toys, Baby Signs, Signing Times, Hooked on phonics, Butterfly Ballet, All Dr. Suess books, The Giving Tree, Goodnight Moon, Twilight books and movies,  Starfall, Home-school Advantage, Time4learning, Khan Academy, Justin Beiber, AFI, Tylor the Creator, Greys Anatomy, Medium, Walking Dead, So You Think You Can Dance, Taco Bell, Chuck E Cheese, Bushes Chicken,  Ringling Bros. Circus,  Barney, Finding Nemo, Luckey Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon

Sing to them. Make up song for each one.

Little Moonbeam, Little Drummer Boy

Have Special songs: Barbie: When I See You Smile by Bad English Trinity: More by Matthew West  Tristan: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.

Massage them from birth.

One of the best way to calm a child. Lavender oil foot massage.

Just remember you don’t have all the answers. Read books: learn from experts. If you don’t follow my advice you will have the same problems your parents had with you. You can only do what you know, what you were taught growing up. If you were yelled at spanked or just left to defend for yourself: you will repeat the cycle if you don’t learn something different.

How do you say I Love You?

Love You More

No, I Love You More

I Love You The Most!

I Win!!!

Love You Always and Forever

Forever and Always

Love you to the Moon and Back

I love my children so much it hurts.

Everyone says they love their children.

But your actions will show if you just love them because you had them or if you live for them.

Live for your children.

Be around them as much as you can.

I didn’t have terrible two’s or any other behavior problems with them until they were a teenager. And when they acted up, I could get them help because I was with them.

I homeschool because having them away from me around people who don’t care about them as much as I do was not acceptable.

Spend each day looking at your children and fill your heart with love.

Barbie, Trinity, and Tristan

You are Loved by your Mommie