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Benefits of Pilates

Total Body Workout I know you love to spend 15 minutes stretching, 45 minutes on the elliptical, 30/45 minutes with weights, 10 minutes for core work and another 15 minutes of stretching. You want a total body workout in about 2 hours. Yes you do have 2 hours to workout 3 times a week. Wait

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THB Mat Pilates

Spencer┬áMat Pilates Pilates combines six concepts — centering, control, flow, breath, precision, and concentration — to strengthen the deep abdominal and back muscles for core strength and torso stability. Mat Pilates is a type of mind-body exercise promising the regular participant a longer, leaner healthier body. Exercises that focus on the mind-body connection help you

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“Tub-Talk”- What is Your Why?

What is Your Why? For your finances? Mine is to be financially secure enough to be able to help all the charities and individual I want. You see I started with wanting to make $5000 a month, but when I was asked to really think “why” I wanted to make $5000 I realized I wanted

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