Totally Hott Body Dance Party

The Creation of Totally Hott Body Fitness When I first went to apply for a teaching job at Fitness Evolution I had no idea what I would create. You see I went to get a job as a Pilates instructor but the owner said her clients liked fast pace aerobics. So me being the dance choreographer that I am said I can teach dance fitness. … Continue reading Totally Hott Body Dance Party

I Went From Sick To Fit And This Is How I Did It…

My health has always been an issue. My heart would go crazy. My resting heart rate was normally 110 beats per minute. If I challenged myself with any type of exercise, my heart would race to 180 and when it would do its crazy thing it would beat over 200! I couldn’t breathe and I felt and looked like I would die. None of the … Continue reading I Went From Sick To Fit And This Is How I Did It…

Benefits of Pilates

Total Body Workout I know you love to spend 15 minutes stretching, 45 minutes on the elliptical, 30/45 minutes with weights, 10 minutes for core work and another 15 minutes of stretching. You want a total body workout in about 2 hours. Yes you do have 2 hours to workout 3 times a week. Wait you don’t have 6 hours to workout? Then what are … Continue reading Benefits of Pilates

I Am Getting Fat

Getting Fat, Why? I am a Melaleuca customer. All my products come from them. I have used their products for almost 12 years. This last year I gained weight 30lbs. 176 lbs is the heaviest I have ever been. (My heaviest was 190 lbs pregnant) I had to take a long look at everything that has changed. We moved, I had heart surgery and  I stopped teaching … Continue reading I Am Getting Fat

“Tub-Talk”- What is Your Why?

What is Your Why? For your finances? Mine is to be financially secure enough to be able to help all the charities and individual I want. You see I started with wanting to make $5000 a month, but when I was asked to really think “why” I wanted to make $5000 I realized I wanted more. I wanted to not just be able to take … Continue reading “Tub-Talk”- What is Your Why?

“Tub Talk” Telling You What You Need to Know

Telling you What You Need To Know Telling You What You need to hear to succeed in business and fitness. In My THB DanceFitness  Class we focus on being sexy not slutty. Sexy is classy, slutty is trashy. Find positive people to be your mentors Peace and Love Donel Rourke Follow me on Subscribe to my channel to Succeed in business Click Here Continue reading “Tub Talk” Telling You What You Need to Know

[Reveiw]Ylvis – The Fox (What does the Fox say?) [Official music video HD]

What Does The Fox Say? What the Fox Say….. I got you to watch my video!! As I was driving to my THB Dance Fitness Class last night and my children started singing this crazy song in the car. They were having a blast singing together and laughing. This morning my crazy best friend in the Ozarks put the video on her Facebook page. I … Continue reading [Reveiw]Ylvis – The Fox (What does the Fox say?) [Official music video HD]