The One That Got Away The One That Got Away

Story Written by my Daughter for her home-school Vocabulary. Defendant: *Walks in* Plaintiff:*Walks in* Both: *Swears on the Bible* Judge: Okay, let’s get this over with. State your case Mrs. Johanson (Plaintiff) Plaintiff: Thank you your honor. On March 31st 2013 I saw Miss Dandler at her workplace, a zoo… Defendant: Objection! I work with an exotic menagerie! Not a zoo! Judge: Sustained. Please continue … Continue reading The One That Got Away The One That Got Away

Preachers Daughter

Dear Auburn, Okay, so listen. My mom has christian songs playing on repeat all day everyday. Now don’t get me wrong, I love God and Christian music is great! But listing to the same songs on repeat for a year can get kinda boring… My Dad is a preacher. The Fu King preacher (that’s actually how he spelled it idk why) anyway he’s a preacher … Continue reading Preachers Daughter