This is a testimony from Linda Buchanan, RTTP. I helped my Mom clear her dementia completely. This was right after they told me she would likely pass within 3-6 months. It was a hugely food-related healing. Based on my research, I put her on lean proteins, vegetables, no corn, no potatoes, no beans/legumes, and no sugar, no flour. I substituted Erythritol for sugar. And substituted … Continue reading Dementia

Arthritis and Anger

For years I have suffered from suppressed anger and anxiety, but I didn’t know it.  I knew that I got angry about everyday things – that slow person in the left lane on the highway, that person at the store that just can’t understand what I’m asking, etc.  In my own words, “I am just sick of stupid people”.  What I was really doing was … Continue reading Arthritis and Anger

Lana and Confidence

One of Marisa’s clients, Lana, was a millionaire but constantly worried about money.She shopped in charity shops and always saved more and more. During RTT® the session, she remembered how she heard her father saying to his older son (herfather was around 65 years old): “You need to help me pay for Lana’s school, if I keep working like this, it will kill me!”. Lana’s … Continue reading Lana and Confidence


One of the major causes of depression is failing to follow your heart’s desires. For example, you always wanted to be an actress or a doctor, but you couldn’t afford to go to medical school or drama school, so you became a teacher. Suddenly at 60 as your retirement approaches, you become incredibly depressed because you suddenly realized you never followed your heart’s desire.So many … Continue reading Depression

Mozz and Weight

Mozz had just one session with Marisa and listened to the recording for 60 days, she managed to lose around 80 pounds. Now she is able to travel as she always wanted, walk with her dog effortlessly for 2 hours every day, swim, and enjoy her life.What is more impressive is before the session with Marissa, Mozz was diagnosed with type two diabetes. Several months … Continue reading Mozz and Weight

Janie and Anxiety

Janie couldn’t leave the house. She was scared, cried, had panic attacks, or was sick.As she said: “I had no life”. She even tried to kill herself. After 3 sessions of RTT withSasha, she started a new job and was going out. For the first time in her adult life,she could say she was happy. She was anxiety free. She mentioned she couldn’tthank RTT and … Continue reading Janie and Anxiety