Andrew R- Passing Nursing NCLEX

After studying for two years and passing all of my college courses, I had one last pass or fail, hands-on, test to conquer in order to receive my Associate’s Degree in Nursing. Donel Rourke created a personalized hypnosis for me and I listened to it every day for 30 days prior to my test date. Donel’s voice spoke positive beliefs over me directly into my subconscious mind and it gave me great peace and solace during the days leading up to my test. During my test, which was possibly the most nerve-racking two days of my life, I could hear her words in my mind. At one point, I had to set up an Intravenous line and set the drip rate perfectly. I have done this procedure a hundred times in real life, but under the stress of the testing situation my hands were shaking and I didn’t know if I would be able to successfully complete the station. At that time, I began to calmly say out loud the very words that I had listened to so many times before during my hypnosis recording… “Narrow Down.” I said those words over and over again and my hands stopped shaking, my stomach loosened its grip and I began to set up that IV Line in a calm professional manner. The drip rate was perfect and I passed the test! Throughout the two-day test, I had great self-confidence and I stood up for myself like never before. Now I am a Registered Nurse and am currently sitting at my desk and seeing patients via telemedicine and earning a great living while helping my fellow man. I am grateful for the confidence and self-reliance that Donel instilled in my mind through the act of listening to her hypnotic voice speak truths over me in preparation for that pivotal moment in my life.

Pastor Andrew Rourke, BA-CM, NREMT-P
Founder of Body of Christ Ministries, Est. 2000

Shereen Having a Baby

‘A few weeks ago I spent some time with my dear friend and one
of the best hypnotherapists in the world – Marisa Peer. She will
always have a special place in my heart because she helped my
wife so much when we were struggling to have a baby. She helped
many people, including celebrities and British royalty, to overcome
their phobias, infertility problems, addictions, and weight problems.
A few years ago she started a movement called I Am Enough. It is
AMAZING! She teaches people that they are good enough to do
anything they want. It’s incredibly powerful and she managed to
help millions of people.’


This is a testimony from Linda Buchanan, RTTP.
I helped my Mom clear her dementia completely.
This was right after they told me she would likely pass within 3-6 months.
It was a hugely food-related healing. Based on my research, I put her on lean proteins, vegetables, no corn, no potatoes, no beans/legumes, and no sugar, no flour.
I substituted Erythritol for sugar. And substituted coconut & almond flours for regular flour.
I added chia seeds & flaxseeds to every breakfast.
Increased healthy fats to 25% of her macros per day, such as olive oil, real butter, cream cheese, cottage cheese, and full fat (sugar-free) yogurt.
No caffeine.
Water only to drink, did allow zero calorie/zero sugar water flavorings every other glass.
Did pumpkin smoothies for breakfast to get a veggie in every meal.
And she wasn’t eating any fish, so I increased her fatty fish to twice a week. That along with high-quality Magnesium supplements leveled out her Omega 3s, her magnesium & her zinc.
No fruits except berries. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries. I used those twice a week in her breakfast smoothies with spinach, cream cheese, almond milk, swerve sweetener, cinnamon, and ginger, with a touch of crushed ice. She said it tasted like cheesecake. The smoothies were super healthy and tasted delicious so she wanted those every day which helped.
No milk ever, only unsweetened almond milk instead.
She ate 2 meals a day, and the added fats kept her full. She didn’t get hungry. She usually ate at 11 am and 5 pm.
She came out of dementia fully. It took 3 months to see marked improvement, though we started to notice cognition benefits within the first 2 weeks.
I did hypnotherapy recordings for her that she listened to at night.
The healing vortex so she could see herself as clean on the inside & push out any food-related toxins.
The I am enough, to increase her will to live & see herself as valuable in her mind because I wasn’t sure what she understood and what she didn’t in the beginning. And an anxiety reduction.
She also had tremors previously which she doesn’t have now.
2+ years later now, and she’s better than she’s been in over 10 years. She’s introduced a few more foods now like potatoes but is still sugar, legumes, milk & caffeine-free.
Hope that’s helpful. If you have questions, please feel free to message me. It was quite an adjustment, but it worked beautifully for her.

Karen W-Arthritis and Anger

For years I have suffered from suppressed anger and anxiety, but I didn’t know it.  I knew that I got angry about everyday things – that slow person in the left lane on the highway, that person at the store that just can’t understand what I’m asking, etc.  In my own words, “I am just sick of stupid people”.  What I was really doing was letting these little things affect me adversely. 

I also suffer from arthritis.  It is hereditary, BUT a lot of the pain was from my anger.  When Donel told me that RTT could help me with arthritis, I was skeptical, but I totally trust Donel.  I discovered during the therapy was that my anger and attitude affect my arthritis.  I think I was clenching my hands at night because they always hurt when I woke up.

After the therapy, I listened to the recording Donel gave me every night for 3 weeks.  At the end of the three weeks, I had virtually no pain.  Yea, if I hit one of my knuckles hard or rub them real hard, there is a little bit of pain, so I try not to do that.  What is gone is the nagging constant pain in the joints in my hands. 

I am also getting angry so much less and even if do, it is much less intense.  I’m able to stop and realize that my anger won’t change a thing and it will only upset me!  I would definitely recommend Donel for RTT therapy.  She is so kind, understanding, and professional.  I felt totally at ease. 

Karen W.

Lana gaining more Confidence

One of Marisa’s clients, Lana, was a millionaire but constantly worried about money.
She shopped in charity shops and always saved more and more.

During RTT® the session, she remembered how she heard her father saying to his older son (her
father was around 65 years old): “You need to help me pay for Lana’s school, if I keep working like this, it will kill me!”.

Lana’s first thought was that she needed to pay her own school fees, but then she realized she was just 10 years old and felt tremendous guilt. So her self-esteem was linked to how much money she had because as a child she felt guilty that she couldn’t pay her own school fees.


One of the major causes of depression is failing to follow your heart’s desires.

For example, you always wanted to be an actress or a doctor, but you couldn’t afford to go to medical school or drama school, so you became a teacher. Suddenly at 60 as your retirement approaches, you become incredibly depressed because you suddenly realized you never followed your heart’s desire.
So many clients were beside themselves with sadness because they didn’t follow their heart’s desire.
And RTT®session helps you to understand how you can realize, identify your heart’s desire and get over depression.

The session helps you to see the way, outside the box.

Marisa had a client who always wanted to be a vet. He failed exams several times, the teachers told him he would never be able to pass them. So he gave up on his desire and ended up being very depressed in his forties. Working with Marisa helped him to realize there were more ways to his dream. He became a dog therapist and overcame depression once and for all as he finally did what he always wanted.
And if you don’t know what is your heart’s desire, regression will help you to remember what made your heart sing between age 7 and 14. As what you loved to do at this age is the key indicator of your unique skill set, your areas of excellence,
what you’re meant to do. RTT® helps you to take away the shame, blame, and guilt which is one of the major causes of depression and anxiety.
Marisa’s client, Brian, had severe depression for his whole life. He was suicidal, but the session and listening to the recording was a breakthrough for him. It helped him to turn around negative self-talk and praise himself, so he could get over depression.

Mozz and Weight

Mozz had just one session with Marisa and listened to the recording for 60 days, she managed to lose around 80 pounds.

Now she is able to travel as she always wanted, walk with her dog effortlessly for 2 hours every day, swim, and enjoy her life.
What is more impressive is before the session with Marissa, Mozz was diagnosed with type two diabetes.

Several months after the session and losing weight, it was reversed.

Janie and Anxiety

Janie couldn’t leave the house. She was scared, cried, had panic attacks, or was sick.
As she said: “I had no life”. She even tried to kill herself. After 3 sessions of RTT with
Sasha, she started a new job and was going out. For the first time in her adult life,
she could say she was happy. She was anxiety free. She mentioned she couldn’t
thank RTT and Sasha enough.