For years I have suffered from suppressed anger and anxiety, but I didn’t know it.  I knew that I got angry about everyday things – that slow person in the left lane on the highway, that person at the store that just can’t understand what I’m asking, etc.  In my own words, “I am just sick of stupid people”.  What I was really doing was letting these little things affect me adversely. 

I also suffer from arthritis.  It is hereditary, BUT a lot of the pain was from my anger.  When Donel told me that RTT could help me with arthritis, I was skeptical, but I totally trust Donel.  I discovered during the therapy was that my anger and attitude affect my arthritis.  I think I was clenching my hands at night because they always hurt when I woke up.

After the therapy, I listened to the recording Donel gave me every night for 3 weeks.  At the end of the three weeks, I had virtually no pain.  Yea, if I hit one of my knuckles hard or rub them real hard, there is a little bit of pain, so I try not to do that.  What is gone is the nagging constant pain in the joints in my hands. 

I am also getting angry so much less and even if do, it is much less intense.  I’m able to stop and realize that my anger won’t change a thing and it will only upset me!  I would definitely recommend Donel for RTT therapy.  She is so kind, understanding, and professional.  I felt totally at ease. 

Karen W.

By Health Of It Transformation

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