One of the major causes of depression is failing to follow your heart’s desires.

For example, you always wanted to be an actress or a doctor, but you couldn’t afford to go to medical school or drama school, so you became a teacher. Suddenly at 60 as your retirement approaches, you become incredibly depressed because you suddenly realized you never followed your heart’s desire.
So many clients were beside themselves with sadness because they didn’t follow their heart’s desire.
And RTT®session helps you to understand how you can realize, identify your heart’s desire and get over depression.

The session helps you to see the way, outside the box.

Marisa had a client who always wanted to be a vet. He failed exams several times, the teachers told him he would never be able to pass them. So he gave up on his desire and ended up being very depressed in his forties. Working with Marisa helped him to realize there were more ways to his dream. He became a dog therapist and overcame depression once and for all as he finally did what he always wanted.
And if you don’t know what is your heart’s desire, regression will help you to remember what made your heart sing between age 7 and 14. As what you loved to do at this age is the key indicator of your unique skill set, your areas of excellence,
what you’re meant to do. RTT® helps you to take away the shame, blame, and guilt which is one of the major causes of depression and anxiety.
Marisa’s client, Brian, had severe depression for his whole life. He was suicidal, but the session and listening to the recording was a breakthrough for him. It helped him to turn around negative self-talk and praise himself, so he could get over depression.

By Health Of It Transformation

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