Story Written by my Daughter for her home-school Vocabulary.

Defendant: *Walks in*

Plaintiff:*Walks in*

Both: *Swears on the Bible*

Judge: Okay, let’s get this over with. State your case Mrs. Johanson (Plaintiff)

Plaintiff: Thank you your honor. On March 31st 2013 I saw Miss Dandler at her workplace, a zoo…

Defendant: Objection! I work with an exotic menagerie! Not a zoo!

Judge: Sustained. Please continue Mrs. Johanson

Plaintiff: Thank you. You see, Miss Dandler and I used to be friends, actually, the best of friends.

So I frequently went into the back, where they keep all of the animals that are hurt or dying.
I didn’t like going back there, but I wanted to find her.
So I walked through the rows and rows of animals in dismal conditions .

I was wondering what could do such terrible things.

Then I heard something terrible.

Yelping and screams of pain.

I ran and ran, until I saw it.

I saw Miss Dandler torturing a poor, defenseless animal.

Defendant: *Gives an incredulous look and scoffs*

Plaintiff: I Lurked near the sight just to make sense of what was happening.
Then the yelping stopped.
I peered around the corner and saw the animal without it’s head.
I started sobbing immediately.
She heard me, I could tell because I heard shuffling around the corner.
I instantly bolted.

Defendant: Objection!

Judge: What is it this time Miss Dandler?

Defendant: This is preposterous! She has no proof!

Judge: Mrs. Johanson? Do you have any proof to back up your allegation?

Plaintiff: Well, not exactly.

Judge: Well then why did you even bother coming to court? Never mind that. Miss Dandler, do you have anything to say?

Defendant: Yes your honor. All of this is a lie.

I wasn’t even in the back on March 31st.

I was doing a presentation on why we should have koala bears!

I even have proof.

Defendant: *Hands the judge proof*

Judge: *Reads proof*

Judge: Yes this is conclusive proof that you were busy all of March 31.
Miss Dandler’s explanation seems plausible.

I find the defendant… not guilty.
Though I will be keeping a scrupulous eye on you both.

Case Dismissed

But the fact is, Mrs. Johanson knew what she saw.

And now a murderer is free.

Taylor Grace

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