Two Girls Charged because of their post on Facebook.

“‘Yes, I bullied Rebecca and she killed herself but I don’t give a …’

A 14 and 12 year old where charged with stalking. Stalking!!!

These two girls along with 15 other bullied 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick.

Between being bullied online and at school she ending up climbing a tower at an abandoned concrete plant and jumped  to her death Sept. 9.

Before her death, Rebecca changed one of her online screen names to “That Dead Girl” and she messaged a boy in North Carolina: “I’m jumping.”

Time to Stop Bullying.

In a review of news articles last month, AP found about a dozen suicides in the U.S. since October 2010 that were attributed at least in part to cyberbullying. Aftab said she thought the number was at least twice that.

Steps to take.

Get off line. No Facebook, no twitter, block text.

Get the bullied child into some type of self esteem building activities.

Surround them with people who love them.

Teach them to stand up to their bullies. If they physical attack them then immediately press charge.

Make the parents pay the price for their child who chooses to bully.

Schools need a stricter policy.

You are caught bullying. You are suspended. Caught again they have to go to military school or Juvenal detention.

If adult did this we would be in jail.

To The Parents Of Children Who Bully.

Wake up!!!

Your child will run into the wrong person and that person will beat the crap out of them or kill them.

The cases where kids kill kids is over being bullied one to many times.

Love your children enough to enforce “No Bullying Allowed”

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