Do You Want Unconditional Love?

Watch this video!

Read the words!

Feel the emotion!

Then ask yourself who can give you unconditional love!


Did you feel the emotion that Ericka Linder brought to the screen?

 I know many people have their opinions about the couple, sorry I really don’t care to hear about them.

 Harsh, I know, but stop focusing on everyone else and focus on yourself. 

 All I want is for you to truly look inside of yourself and and ask who loves me unconditionally.

Parents say they love their children unconditionally, until they get mixed up in drugs, kill someone or… I don’t know… declare that they are “Gay”.

Spouses say they love one another until they are not getting their needs met, then they want a divorce until the other one gives in, only for the vicious cycle to repeat itself.

 Unconditional love is just that unconditional. Meaning there is NOTHING you can do to earn or lose it.

Do You know who loves you that way? God!!!

Only God loves you unconditionally.

Do you know what… God loves you even if you don’t love Him. 

You can even say, “there is no God,” and He still loves you.

Stop looking for that unconditional love everywhere else and just receive it from the One who who created you. 

God is always there to wrap His arms around you and remind you, 


Peace and Love

Donel Rourke

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