WHILE OTHER PROTECTIVE COUCH COVERS are not fully waterproof, are incredibly hard to clean holding the bad smells or they are too small for a king bed or large sofa, the Callarome Waterproof Couch Cover has been TESTED for 100% PROTECTION against any wet mess WITHOUT destroying your bedding or sofa materials. The 2 REVERSIBLE Microfleece layers are SOFT while the middle WATERPROOF layer stops all liquids, keeping the other side 100% dry – WE VALUE YOUR PRIORITIES

Mambe Furniture Covers are soft, microfleece blankets with a 100% WATERPROOF internal membrane, designed to fully protect your furniture and bedding while looking great in your home. Whether you have pets on your bed, spill-prone kids on your sofa, or a family member with occasional incontinence, this blanket is a lifesaver. Also great for protecting upholstery in cars/trucks/RVs. Machine wash cold, tumble dry on medium or hang dry. Proudly made in the USA.

PREMIUM FABRIC + DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: We build our waterproof protection right in — it won’t wash out, so any liquid you can imagine will not leak through. And our folded hem won’t rip or fray. It’s part of the blanket itself, not like the inferior stitched edge or nylon binding our competitors use.

****This is the one I Bought***

100% Waterproof – Triple Layer polar fleece with advanced breathable internal membrane that insures liquids will NOT leak through. We don’t use water resistant “Spray On” or a plastic nylon backing like others. Ours is totally leak proof against ALL liquids.

Having a waterproof blanket is key to doing your Pussy Praise without worrying about the mess that might happen.

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Finding the perfect affordable Pussy Praise Squirt Blanket for your WAP is my mission.

Have one you recommend?

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Lets create a space where you can allow yourself to completely surrender to Ecstasy and allow your body to release all your juicy wetness.

Bonus clean-up is easy.

Donel Rourke, C.HYP.

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