Carbo Story

Copy of Copy of Glycogen

When you eat carbohydrates they do three things:

  1. The carbohydrates you eat are broken down into glucose (sugar). Your blood then transports this sugar to cells throughout your body. Your cells then “eat” this sugar and use it for fast energy.
  2. Upon digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, some glucose is stored in your liver and muscles as “glycogen.” Each gram of glycogen stored in muscle has at least 3 g of water
  3. However, your body can only store so much glycogen. Once your glycogen stores are full, your body will convert excess carbohydrates to fat.

The problem is that most individuals lose “water weight” when they go on a “diet” and when they stop dieting their cells fill back up with water because they are eating carbohydrates again, so you guessed it they gain the weight back.

With my help as a coach, I will show you how to eat so you have maximum fuel to supply your body without adding water weight.

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