Major CFIDS Flare

For the first time in 10 years, we(my husband and myself) flew on a plane from Austin to Virginia. We had a layover in Chicago where we had to walk from one end of the airport to the next. We almost missed the flight, it was so far for me. The noise, the people, all the different smells and the air pressure on the plane all affected me in a negative way. Once we landed and got the rental car we had an hour’s drive to the hotel. I could feel the crash coming. We went shopping to get food for the hotel, 2 gallons of water, avocados deli turkey, and then we got kale salad, and rotisserie chicken for dinner because I just could not go out to eat. My skin started to hurt, with no energy and weak. When I woke up the next morning the same thing. I had to go back to bed after only being up for 2 hours.


I stumbled onto Wim Hof’s, the ICEMAN, breathing meditation. I didn’t know what it was supposed to do, I just love to meditate and I know the benefits of purposeful breathwork, so I just did it. Immediately I felt different, so then that started my research on the best way to practice and the benefits of it. There is so much more to Wim Hof check him out and find out if this could help you.

Here is a little blurp of information on some of the things that happen in the body.

The spike in adrenaline has been linked to increased levels of an anti-inflammatory protein and decreased levels of proteins, called cytokines. (responsible for signaling the immune system)

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