“Tub-Talk”- What is Your Why?

What is Your Why? For your finances? Mine is to be financially secure enough to be able to help all the charities and individual I want. You see I started with wanting to make $5000 a month, but when I was asked to really think “why” I wanted to make $5000 I realized I wanted more. I wanted to not just be able to take … Continue reading “Tub-Talk”- What is Your Why?

Do Something For Yourself Today!

Do something for yourself today, you deserve it. What are you going to do today for yourself? Massage Eating Right Meditate Read a good book Hot bath You choice just do it NOW! Peace and Love Donel Rourke Follow me at http://www.facebook.com/bizness4yourhealth Subscribe to my channel at http://www.youtube.com/firebizness4you Succeed in all you do at http://smb01.com/donel Continue reading Do Something For Yourself Today!