Only One by Polo Tears

What Dreams May Come was a movie that my husband and I saw when it first came out and we loved it.

We have had the movie poster hanging in our house from that day forward.

Our children grew up knowing our love for the movie. 

This song was created for me by Polo Tears for Mother’s day several years ago.

I now know it was a cry for help.

You will hear the son Ian, played by Josh Paddock, speak about his doubts and insecurities about not being like everyone else and being a disappointment to his father. You will also hear him say he will not give up. You then will hear the father Chris, played by Robin Williams, speak and tell Ian that how his son feels is what is the most important thing. He also tells him that there is no one else he would go through hell with. I created this video for my son. I love you. Exactly the way you are. For anyone else who watches this video please know that I care. I am here to help if you feel lost and alone.

The video was shot in Cow Creek, Texas.

The words on the screen will activate your imagination. They will allow you to change your story to one of your creations.

Love the Life You Live!

You are in control of the life you live.

Your thoughts create your actions.

Your actions create your habits

Your habits create your reality.

Your reality is the life you experience every day.

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