Why Are You Still Shopping Like Everyone Else?

Who here likes shopping?

I am not talking about fun type of shopping:




and all the other shopping you want to do

instead of the type of shopping you have to do.

What I am talking about is getting  the children ready and in the car.

Drive to the store.

If you you are lucky, the store is only 15 minutes away.

But the reality is it usually takes over 30 minutes.

Now unload the kiddos out of the car,

get into the store,

start shopping only to have the baby fills their diaper with a wonderful smell.

You know you actually thought to just wait until you get home,

but your eyes are burning because the smell is so strong .

Now for finding a stupid changing table.

The baby is now screaming!

You say screw it and take everyone back to the car to change the diaper.

So now back to the store

only to find someone took your basket full of stuff

and so you have to start all over.

You know you have a short time to get all the things you need.

If you only need groceries that would be great, but it is not.

Now you have to get cleaning supplies,

shampoo, body wash, toothpaste,

styling products, make-up, first-aid product and weight-loss products.

By now the kids are all over the place,

the baby is crying

and strangers are giving you a pleading look to please make it stop.

So you just checkout with what few products you have.

What is sad is that you will have to do all this over again,

because you still need everything you didn’t get.


You can shop at one online store .

Let me give you an overview of the store lay out.

As You walk into this members only store you find:

Cleaning Supplies

All your personal care products

Everything you need to fill up your medicine cabinet.

Baby Shampoo and Baby Wash.

Essential Oils and Blends.

Want something healthy for breakfast?

How about Organic Coffee and Granola?

Just to name a few.

Want to lose weight?

They have everything for that, too!

Now let’s move to the health section..

Heart Health, Blood Sugar, Allergies, Arthritis, Eye Health

and so much more..

Peace and Love

Donel Rourke

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Do You Like Me?

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