Healing Hypnosis

Bio-Hack Your Mind for Optimal Health You can assist your body to speed up healing. You have the power to help your body to be whole and healthy. Use this audio anytime you feel dis-ease in your body. Want more information? Let me know. Continue reading Healing Hypnosis

90 Second Rule

When you feel an emotion rising up in you, is it coming from an outside source or from your own thoughts? One thing I tell myself and those I counsel is to truly feel the feeling that you are feeling, for only 90 seconds. Truly feel joy, happiness, anger, sadness, whatever emotion shows up “FEEL IT”. After the 90 seconds, you are no longer feeling … Continue reading 90 Second Rule

Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies Explained

UT-396 Hz: The ‘Ut’ tone is thought to help releases you from the feeling of guilt and fear by bringing down the defense mechanisms. 396 Hz frequency searches out hidden blockages, subconscious negative beliefs, and ideas that have led to your present situations and it helps to releases the guilt and fear. Used for balancing Root Chakra. Turns grief into joy, liberating you from guilt … Continue reading Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies Explained

Stop Being The “Perfect Victim” To Bullies

Marisa Peer, one of the world’s leading experts on hypnotherapy and voted Britain’s best therapist by Tatler Magazine and the winner of 8 Stevie Awards, offers five steps you can use to deal with daily rejection and criticism. Continue reading Stop Being The “Perfect Victim” To Bullies

Your Stinking Thinking

7 Types of Stinking Thinking Stop your stinking thinking and start getting the results you want in life, in your relationships and your career. The words that you say and the pictures you create in your mind and the mind of those around you will determine whether you live a happy, peaceful, prosperous, fulfilling life. 1)Over- Generalising– saying things like You Always….. or You Never….. … Continue reading Your Stinking Thinking

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

 Your Mind’s #1 Job is to Keep You Alive It’s about survival. You survive on this planet by avoiding emotional and physical pain. Your mind’s job is to move you away from that pain to pleasure. Your Subconscious Mind is Your Habitual Mind Your core hardwired beliefs are your habit patterns, relationship patterns, your spiritual connection, and all your emotions and feelings and they … Continue reading Don’t Believe Everything You Think

7 Levels of Consciousness and Self Awareness

  Non-Judgment      Absolute Passion- Creation- Intention Synthesis                Inner Joy – Innate Wisdom – Oneness Reconciliation       Inner Peace – Acceptance – Win-Win Concern                   Compassion – Servitude – “You Win” Responsibility        Forgiveness – Co-Operation – “I Win” Conflict                … Continue reading 7 Levels of Consciousness and Self Awareness